Romano's Food Group Limited


Romano’s Food Group Limited began in 1975 in Christchurch, as a maker of fine pastry under the name of Maxwell’s Pastry. Our first location was a small shop in Ferry Road, Woolston. Maxwell’s Pastry dates back to the 1940’s when its founder Jim Maxwell ran a small bakery in High Street, Timaru and his brand of ‘Golden Flake’ pastry became renowned for its taste and quality.

In the early 1980’s, Maxwell’s Pastry purchased Romano’s Pizzas. Romano’s began to produce fresh pizza for the South Island. Later this expanded to the North Island as well. This was a giant step for a little company that made pastry, to enter into the big world of fresh pizza production.

For about the next 20 years Maxwell’s Pastry produced Romano’s Pizza and the Maxwell’s brand of pastry products, whilst at the same time experimenting with other products in an effort to achieve growth and provide New Zealand consumers with quality products at a reasonable price.

Faced with a challenging market, a new direction was needed in order to make the company stronger. So early on in the new millennium a decision was made to produce a frozen range of pizzas that would be of very high quality while representing value for money. The Chicago Pizza Company was born!

Maxwell’s Pastry went from strength to strength by making continual improvements in all areas of our operations to ensure that only the best quality products were showcased to consumers.

In 2011 a decision was made to change the company name. This was due to a desire to be recognised as not just a company that makes great pizza, but a company that makes great food. Hence Maxwell’s Pastry changed its name to Romano’s Food Group Limited.

Romano’s Food Group Limited has an on-going commitment to food safety. We continually strive towards achieving ‘Best Practice’ in everything that we do. By doing this we can continue our reputation as being the leading manufacturer of pizzas in New Zealand.

Romano’s Food Group Limited is a 100% New Zealand Company privately owned by the same family that started the business way back in 1975. We believe that it is this tradition and our commitment to the local community and to New Zealand as a whole that makes us successful. We are proudly Cantabrian, fiercely New Zealand and passionate about pizza.



To provide products of unsurpassed quality and value for money to people everywhere.


To accomplish our vision, we are focused on product, people and prosperity. Our purpose is to:

  • Excite and delight consumers with reasonably-priced products made with an unmatched level of care and attention
  • Create opportunities to enhance the lives of our employees and others while maintaining a caring, friendly work atmosphere
  • Provide all stakeholders with a sustainable return on their investment.

We believe that we will achieve our vision and purpose with:

  • HONESTY in all our interactions with all individuals and organisations
  • TEAMWORK to get the job done, together
  • HYGIENE as a focus in our workplace, at all times
  • COMPLIANCE at every level, to minimise risk in all areas of our business
  • ALERTNESS in everything we do, to ensure quality, safety and efficiency
  • PUNCTUALITY to achieve all goals and tasks productively
  • RESPECT for ourselves, other people, our environment and property
  • COMMUNICATION to expand knowledge, positive relationships, efficiency and innovation